Random Updates

I am really enjoying my new almost daily posting habit! It’s been nice to put on my to-do list “write” and then actually sit down and say a few words.

I’m honestly not sure entirely where I’m going with this blog, but I think that’s OK. I first signed up for the cozycondo name because I wanted to blog more about decorating and living in my condo. But my focus has shifted a bit because I’ve really become interested in simple living lately, and that’s what I really want to blog about. I think it still works: part of what really appeals to me about simple living and minimalism is its focus on the home and improving one’s home by decluttering and being grateful.

So what’s going on at my cozy condo these days? We remodeled our shower last summer, but I never fully finished the project. I wanted to repaint the vanity and walls and just got busy and unmotivated. Last week I finally went out and bought the paint for the vanity, and started painting it last night. I’m painting it navy blue, and I’m still a tiny bit on the fence about my decision. I think it is going to look great, but right now it looks pretty crap. But it’s enjoyable for me just to have a small project to work on, and one that’s not costing me much money.

The other project that is upcoming is Joshua Becker’s Uncluttered course. I preordered his book, and with it came entry into the Uncluttered e-course. Last year around this time I did the Cozy Minimalist course from the Nester, and loved that so much! It really made me make some positive changes to our home. I’m looking forward to having focused tasks to help motivate me to massively declutter. I’ve done several rounds over the last year or so, and have dealt with all the low hanging fruit, but I think this course will really help me make the final, more drastic changes.

I’m also going to start thinking ahead to what I want to post about weekly, and take photos to go along with those posts. I’m starting to feel like my blog looks a bit blah and could use some visuals.



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